Feature List

The Swayhub Platform supports a number of features that make Buying and Selling tickets for your event easy.

With The Swayhub Platform you can; 

Create Multiple Ticket categories

Buy/Sell tickets online and on mobile devices (optimized viewing for mobile)

Use multiple payment options (Mobile Money, VISA Debit card, Ezee Money) - all in one place!

Receive event tickets by email, or at the printer verifiable at the Event check-in.

User can be Processed by valid ID alone to Access Event (guest list is updated in real time)

Get automatic email confirmations (sms confirmation to be featured soon)

Receive reminders for the Event (email & sms)

Create discount/complementary tickets using discount codes

Fully optimized for Social Share (over 200 Networks in an instant)

Know Your Customer (KYC) build your client database for future events (email/phone/organization)

Beautiful Event Pages

Event Organizer Benefits

Access the ticketing system from any computer or mobile device connected to the internet

Increase ticket sales by selling tickets 24/7

Customize pricing

Reduce calls, paperwork, and staffing needs

Eliminate costly human errors from manual processes

Process payments securely with Secure Payment merchants (Pesapal)

Use real-time reporting to track success

Easily set up and manage events

Offer flexible ticket delivery options

Sell discount codes by event

Other Benefits

1. It’s cheaper: There are various ways you save money by purchasing an e- or mobile ticket. You save on the transportation costs you would have incurred travelling to a retail

outlet, plus you save on the service fee as this is usually higher for physical tickets due to production and other costs, such as labour costs.

2. It’s time saving: As we all know, it takes less time to purchase a ticket online than it is at a retail outlet; however, it’s also important to note the delivery time. When you purchase physical tickets online, you have to wait a while before the event to receive your tickets, and these can get lost or delayed! If you purchase e- or mobile tickets,these get sent to you immediately or you can access them as soon as the event organiser issues these – hassle free!

3. Accessibility: As mentioned in reason 2, you can access your e-ticket or mobile ticket whenever you would like! If you buy a physical ticket, there’s a risk of this getting lost or stolen, which causes a world of pain trying to sort out! Sometimes tickets don’t get re-issued if something like this happens. The great thing about e- and mobile tickets is you have 100% access to these whenever you want!

4. Security: Following on from reason 3, it’s more secure to purchase e- and mobile tickets because you know these will not get stolen or lost and there is also less chance of fraudulent activity. Furthermore, the event owner has instant access to the guest list so a valid ID is enough to validate bookers!

5. Think green! Last but not least, buying an e- or mobile ticket online reduces your carbon footprint. It’s the little steps that make a difference in a sustainable future.

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